%100 Hakiki Süet Deri Bordo Unisex Gaziantep Yemeni Terlik
The White Cherry
The White Cherry
The White Cherry
The White Cherry

%100 Hakiki Süet Deri Bordo Unisex Gaziantep Yemeni Terlik

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100% Genuine Nubuck Leather Green Unisex Gaziantep Yemeni Slippers

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Examine the Size Chart

Shoe bag made of cotton fabric and 100% genuine leather handcrafted key chain are given as gifts.


Shoes made with best quality natural materials such as goatskin, cowhide, buffalo, and beeswax-coated twine and tough leather soles.

%100 Handcrafted by artisans.

The health of your feet;

Keeps your feet cool and dry.

Reduce foot odor with its breathability, no sweating and releases electricity from the body due to the quality of the leather sole.

Healthiest shoes in the market for pregnant mothers as they are entirely natural with no heel.

Natural rubber sole under the leather sole for durability and to avoid slips.


Yemeni shoes are 100% genuine leather, so they wrap the foot and give a quarter size growth.

Please check shoes sizes chart for make sure your right size, you need to choose your SPORT shoes size.

How We Make Yemeni Shoes

Find best tanneries in Turkey for produce our leathers in different colors, which is the process takes 15 days and the insole is made from a naturally tanned water buffalo leather, which is the process takes 21 days.

Hand cutting of each size shoes leather.

Cover up each size mold with leather and wait 1 day.

The outsole is sewn with hand stitch.

The last part is glued rubber sole bottom of yemeni, to extend the life of the outsole leather and to prevent slippage.